Tuesday, May 8, 1973

Dear Mr Anonymous

I feel like I say this too much on Twitter anyway, but you're a huge inspiration. I'm not going to say what age I started listening to you guys, but Punk Rock Girl was my first favorite song (from Kid's Corner), and then I stumbled onto the songs you're actually on, probably earlier than I should have. You might have kickstarted my puberty. Or my cynicism. Maybe both.

I just got asked to do a reading as part of the Hidden City festival on June 23. It's for a picture book I wrote, My First Kafka, which comes out in June -- it's retellings of Kafka stories for kids

I was thinking of asking a few people who I admire to read their favorite picture books -- not necessarily one you wrote (although if you did, that would be awesome), but one that you like and enjoy and want to share with other people.

Thank you immensely. And if you can't or won't or it's not your kind of thing, I totally utterly understand.


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