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Thursday, January 8, 2015


So I have this friend who we used to tell each other everything, and now we both have babies and other kids and never talk anymore, and when we do it basically goes like this:

me:  i'm pretty sure i'm going insane.
 liz:  oh, DO tell.
 me:  i don't know liz
my anxiety is worse than ever
i don't know how to talk to people
 liz:  what?
   let it all out
 me:  and i'm pretty sure my novel sucks and it's not even finished yet and if it doesn't sell i don't know if i can take it
      and i started drinking coffee again
 me:  espresso
 liz:  well, that'll give you jitters and make it hard to talk to people if you're all speedy
or are you just having a hard time finding words for your coworkers who just got laid off? cause that would be hard for anyone
 me:  no, like
 liz:  who the hell do you talk to?
 me:  i was at a party a few weeks ago and it would've been so easy to talk to people before, and i just clammed up and i was like i don't care about these people but i don't actually have friends around anymore so it might be nice to have some but i just couldn't open my mouth
and the only person i said more than 2 words to was natasha lyonne
but that was because she said hi when she passed me and she looked familiar and i thought she went to my high school
 liz:  oh nice name dropping, i see what you did there.

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