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Friday, April 17, 2009

unsettlingly new technology

Mad cool:

Running into mr. Jewlicious himself, David Abitbol, at the shuk.

Even cooler:

When the "only Orthodox female hip-hop M.C.," Rinat Guttman -- who, ok, is not the only frum woman M.C., but is nonetheless way cool (and, if that will get her a record deal, it's fine in my book to call her that), pops by. even if the shuk crowd ate my wife and daughter (it's ok, they can fend for themselves), mysterious and remarkable things will still happen.

Unsettlingly postmodern:

That Abitbol's camera has a wifi card that, instead of saving pictures, sends them directly online.

matthue roth

Meep. Happy almost Shabbos, people.

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