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Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Circles" Live with Mista Cookie Jar

I was going to wait till Monday morning to post this, and get the maximum traffic or whatever, but me waiting that long is just not gonna happen.

Mista Cookie Jar just got YouTubetry of some live versions of new songs -- including "Circles," one of the songs I co-wrote for his Love Bubble album, which you can purchase right now for not a lot of money. But, relax. First, just enjoy the songs.

Here's "Magic World," which I didn't write but has CJ workin' it and kids going crazy.

And, now, "Circles."


Jorge Pedro said...

loved your last g-dcast entry. and loved your blog also. greetings from mexico city.

matthue said...

Thanks on all fronts! There's a chance I might be in the D.F. soon...maybe with the Jewish Salons? Anyway, greetings from the much-colder north!

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