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Monday, January 17, 2011

Jerusalem Suicide Bomber Monster Movie

I just wrote about this Jerusalem of the Future contest for MyJewishLearning, but right before I posted, I found this. The title of this post is a bit of a spoiler, but keep watching till the end. KEEP WATCHING.

What does it MEAN!? Who made this? If anyone knows, please tell me. I'm baffled and astounded and, like, not sure whether I should be offended or wowed. I'm leaning toward the second.


Religion and State in Israel said...

Here's one article: The Jerusalem 2111 film competition reveals winning visions of the city's future

"Last Stand" by Lior Geller and Evan Lesser

matthue said...

Thanks! Yep, I first saw it on It's also today's Jewniverse:

But the link to Lior Geller's site is gold! Thanks for that. Can't wait to see more of what he's about.

Miriam Jayne said...

Up until the end it kind of reminded me of "Watchmen." But then there was the end... :)

AllThatIsGood said...

That was the coolest thing I have ever, ever seen.

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