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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Behind the Scenes at B&H Photo

We're huge fans of B&H Photo and Video, the famous camera shop run by Hasidic Jews in the center of Manhattan -- one of the best shops in the industry, frequented by photo nuts and Hollywood camerapeople. And today, this news is hitting the web: Somebody purchased a used camera there with a used memory card. On the card was a roll of photos taken behind the scenes of a friendly -- but notoriously publicity-shy -- operation.

Linhberg, who bought the camera, posted the photos on his blog. His site seems to be running slow, so here are a few, courtesy of PetaPixel, who reposted them:

We speculate that it might be part of a covert campaign for the new reboot of the science-fiction series Little Fuzzy, which has also included ukulele love songs and stuffed animals. Because, well, Hasidim are little and fuzzy.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just found your blog and happened to stumble on this post. I'm a huge fan of B&H and about to post a piece on it myself. Glad it's getting the coverage and street cred it deserves! (The kosher candy by the register are the best.)

matthue said...

Or the worst! That whole sour-candy thing. It's so bad it's good. Addictive, even.

Send me your link when it's up! I'd love to check it out. Someone should seriously start a B&H fan fiction site.

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