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Friday, October 7, 2011

1/20: The Official Sub-Page

Just as a matter of site stuff: I added a page here for 1/20, the movie I wrote. (It isn't the film's actual website, which is more comprehensive and informed; this is just sort of reminding me that I wrote a movie, and anyone else who winds up on that page too I guess.)

1/20 movie

And Kayla Dempsey, who plays Yvette, and I were just interviewed yesterday on the punk variety show Rew & Who. Kayla bursts out with some a capella Janis Joplin because she is incredible. Rew is pretty amazing, too. I mostly just giggle and prevaricate. Here's Part 1. Edit: Here's Part 2! With Kayla singing Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz." She is so amazing.

And because I'm not quite ready yet to stop talking about it constantly: I wrote a new book! It's about my best friend dying and the R.E.M. album Automatic for the People and the first time I fell in love. Check it out and review it. You can even maybe buy it, if you've got $2.


Megan said...

I think a reminder page is a fabulous idea. I mean, how awkward would it be if you wrote a movie and then forgot about it?

(Answer: very awkward. Or somewhat awkward, depending on who you were talking to at the time and your age/dementia.)

Adi said...

Matthue! How do I get the book if I am virulently opposed to kindles???

matthue said...

Megan: Thank you! I've developed this new theory (well, like 10 years ago) that if I told enough people something, I wouldn't be able to forget it because they would keep reminding me. Not sure that works? Let me know? (you don't actually have to. but it would be fun.)

Adi: I'm a non-Kindler too. I'm making a really nice zine version. With papercuts and stitching, possibly, ideally. Should be ready in a week or two?

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