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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Around You

I have a new poem in the Oklahoma Review! It's actually really nice. The whole thing is out now on pdf, but in case you don't feel like scrolling to page 60, here's the first bit:

When I’m around you,
I keep my cell phone on silent
my pen in my pocket
and pretend like I can color-coordinate

When I’m around you
I act like I use a knife & fork & napkin
at every meal,
even midnight snack.

(read the rest)


Unknown said...

I giggled out loud at the nose/space bar remark and my kids all said "what? what? tell us what is so funny!" So I read it to them and they pretended to understand and giggled too.

Jules said...

a lovely reminder of why i come here

matthue said...

Thank you! It's really awesome to know that people are out there.

goodbird said... say the least! And....I too am enlightened by the teachings of SHLOMO CARLEBACH(and interesting JEWS in general).

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