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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Oven of Aknai: A Talmudic Story of Debating and Death, in Friendly Cartoon Format

So I taught storytelling at this Jewish animation festival this summer. Stu Sufrin, you are wonderful. Eliana Light, you are wonderful. So glad I got to see this.


Mary Ruth said...

You know, I love G-dcast. Every single episode. But I don't always understand it, and I think if I keep watching this, I might get it. I think I'm smart, but sometimes not enough.

matthue said...

Maybe it's us? Really, I like to see G-dcast episodes are a first step to the originals -- although we always like to hope they're understandable on their own! (Sometimes it's more difficult with the musical ones...)

I trust your opinion more than mine, Mary Ruth. What don't you understand?

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