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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dork! download it here, now, free

Hey, remember how I said I was going to give away free stuff every month? It's January 1. It's here. Click to listen or hit the downloady thing to download -- you won't have to enter an email or a credit card or anything. Or just download it here.

Please, please, check out Katie Skau, who did the art. And for the extra version of "Shit Girls Don't Say," I asked a bunch of people on my facebook and twitter if they'd record themselves doing a version of a poem. I didn't tell them what the title or the lyrics were.

This mix features queendeb, Postal, Lacy LeBlanc, Michelle Hilburn, Cate Freyer, and Amalya Tolchin. Track them down, twitter-follow them, thank them every time you see them in the streets. I will. I'd love to just throw up each of their unedited versions. They're all brilliant.


Mary Ruth said...

Okay, Shit Girls Don't Say turned out awesome. I wish I had tried harder and didn't give up. It is wonderful. I just didn't like the way the video looked! But it sounds great, love the way it turned out.

Mary Ruth said...

I can really appreciate Dork. Love hearing it, can identify with all of these, really.

Mary Ruth said...

Thank you for sharing these with us. It really helps.

matthue said...

Thank you so much!

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