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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Scavenger Hunt Novel Is Underway

I had a reading last Thursday and Electric Literature was kind enough to write it up: "Roth has a charm about him that entices you, no matter your literary proclivities." They also gave me an award for Best Writerly Facial Expressions that I didn't even know what I was up for.

matthue roth reading

I read my story "The Ambush" (which was originally titled "Bombs over Breakfast," shout-out to my fave influencers) (I think I'm only shouting-out OutKast because Rabbi Fink did last week). It's a short story, and it features Jupiter from Losers, and it's also chapter 4 of this scavenger-hunt novel that I wrote.

Um. Let me explain. Last year, I wrote this book Enemies that I really liked, and my agent sort of didn't. It was conveniently already sliced into chapters, and so I've been publishing them as short stories. This marks the 5th (I think?) piece that's been published:

  1. Girl Jesus on the Inbound Train (in Truth & Dare)
  2. Are You Being Served? (in Apiary) (and it's online!)
  3. xxxxxx
  4. The Ambush (Let me reiterate: in Cornered)
  5. Jupiter Glazer Meets His Maker (in Mimaamakim)
Chapter 3 is going to be published, but it's on hiatus right now, and I probably shouldn't say where yet? But I think you'll like it.

And then there's a second half. I'll try to figure out how to get that to you guys, soon.


Anonymous said...

Well, you're certainly breaking the indie-punk-jewish-modern-ortho-hasidic-writers mold, aren't ya?

Or perhaps you're just inventing it.

Either way, mazal tov my friend!

matthue said...

We all invent it as we go, don't we? Kind of like life.

In any case -- thank you! So honored!

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