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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mayim Bialik Goes Hasidic

Mayim just sent out this puzzling email, and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to publicize it or not, but she is awesome, and so I am. Any time she's on TV, it's better than her not being on TV.

Which is why you should all watch Saving Grace tonight. When the one and only Mayim Bialik is going to guest-star as, I believe, a Satmar Hasidic Jew living in Williamsburg.

i am certain you are dying to know what i would look like as a chassidic jew and on 'saving grace' on TNT tonight you can find out. here's a hint: no make-up, snood over my hair, very roomy clothing.
so tomorrow morning, please don't ask me about if i liked it.
just enjoy a laugh at my expense.

my upcoming role on secret life of the american teenager will be much more exciting i promise.

Let's all hold hands, sing "Kumbaya," and celebrate Hasidic Jews finally being played by someone who doesn't hate Hasidic Jews.* And, in the morning (or, for those of us who don't own TVs, whenever they put Mayim's episode online), let's all tell Mayim how hard she rocked.

* -- Not including Natalie Portman and the real-life Satmar guy in that short film. It was never released, anyway, so it doesn't really count.


barseff said...

i'm sure you know Alison Shapiro from learns with Mayim.


matthue said...

Yep! Man, is that all you (formerly-)uptown people ever do -- hang out in Riverdale and take baths in your own coolness?

Pierre Sogol said...

What about Julianna Margulies? Or was she not a chassid in "priceless"? I thought she was supposed to be a Chabadnik.

matthue said...

I've never seen Priceless. Should I? I just remember cringing at Melanie Griffith in "A Stranger among Us" (sorry, Melanie)...she was almost as bad as the people who were really supposed to be Hasidic. I've heard that "A Price above Rubies" is even worse...but I shouldn't talk; I haven't seen that one myself.

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